Roger Beale AO - Canberra Australian Artist

Art has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. I gain great pleasure in creating it, sharing it and, with my wife of many years, collecting the works of others.

My art is very much in the Western tradition – my early training was by Betty and Roy Churcher, Melville Haysom, and John Molvig, all notable Queensland artists. My father was a keen amateur watercolorist  and we haunted galleries when I was a child and teenager - a habit my wife and I have maintained throughout our life. I also studied classical techniques at the Florence Academy of Art after retirement from the public service.

Professor Sasha Grishin, author of the definitive Australian Art: a History has said of my art:

"The strength lies in a sensitive treatment of light hinting at the passing seasons and a certain transience of life in contrast to the permanence of the landscape...Beale's finest works could be described as mood paintings set within a romantic sensibility. At their best they are highly evocative and lyrical and hark back to earlier traditions and conventions in art"

The main themes in my art - flowers, portraits and landscapes and the sublime are all represented here, as well as life studies and city scapes.  My sketchbooks are as close as I have ever got to keeping a diary. They reflect a busy life - too much of it perhaps spent in conference rooms around the world until I moved to painting full time in 2014.

 I would warmly welcome enquiries or comments, or find me on Instagram and Facebook @rogerbealeart 

My current show is Humble House Gallery
93 Wollongong St Fyshwick ACT
from 30 April until 29 May 2022 

  • Roger Beale - Life Class Barcelona 1
  • Roger Beale - The Marcher
  • Roger Beale - Hindu Temple, Donald Friend
  • Roger Beale - Spreewald Moonrise
  • Roger Beale - Camp Cove
  • Roger Beale - Yes No Reid Proflle
  • Roger Beale - Michael Thawley AO and David Chessell
  • Roger Beale - Man 70
  • Roger Beale - Denmark Summer Storm
  • Roger Beale - Hotel d
  • Roger Beale - Baroque Poppy
  • Roger Beale - Bob Gregory 2
  • Roger Beale - Florence - the deluge
  • Roger Beale - El Retiro – the Bathers a study
  • Roger Beale - Spring Blossoms
Roger Beale Canberra Artist